Don’t complain! Really?


Nobody wants to help a complainer. So how can we deal with the bad things we want to complain about? I confess that I like to complain sometimes, about the weather, other people, the economy and current affairs. It never helps, all a complaint achieves is that it pollutes the environment. It reduces the room temperature to freezing point. So, here is a simple trick. When you feel like complaining add some analysis to the complaint. Put some thought into the why of your complaint and – snap! Like magic, the complaint will transform into an assessment. It will open new thoughts and new perspectives. People complain about bad weather? Just imagine a world without rain and you got yourself a new outlook. People complain about too much work, not enough sleep, rising prices? There is a grain of wisdom deep inside every complaint that, once uncovered, is a good steps towards the solution.

It is just when a complaint is nothing but a complaint that we waste our time. But we need to trust our instincts, our guts. The impulse to complain is a valuable signal. We just found a topic that is worth investigating.