Handwriting is key!

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This might also be another journaling worry. Do you think your handwriting isn’t all that pretty? Are you self conscious? Don’t be! A journal is your private space where you can practice. It is the place to forgive yourself for not being a calligrapher. You don’t have to be! The point about handwriting is that it conveys a lot of information. When you revisit your journal in the future, the way you wrote will tell a lot about your state of mind, were you in a hurry? Were you bored or totally focused? Your handwriting will tell.

Author: afraazammam

An entrepreneur, writer, I love writing down goals and keeping track of my daily progress no matter in what field: raising children, health, money and of course my projects. One day,my husband inspired me to create a book so I can share my method with other parents.

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