Money Money Money!

It does make the world go round and there is no reason not to talk about it with your kid. But how? I recommend to discuss prices with your child. As soon as they ask for new toys or stuff, let them take a look at the prices! Write them down and do some math: How can you afford this thing? A diary is a great tool to teach some math and to teach your kid to set goals and pursue them.

Journaling Worry #3 Time!

I don’t have enough time to keep a journal!” Well, of course you do! All you need is a couple of minutes every day. The best way to get there is to create a habit like a defined moment during your day when you sit down to write. It doesn’t even have to be in full sentences. You can form a new habit by one thing alone: execution! Sit down for a number of days, I recommend 21, which equals three weeks and after that journaling will have become a part of your life. Then the magic begins!

A way to learn better!

Write down your daily aha-moments and come back to read again and again. A journal is a tool and repetition is the best way to remember better. So here comes another way to use a journal: write down things you want to learn, write down goals and things you want to achieve. This way you can provide your brain with tasks and program yourself to pursue your goals on a daily basis. Start with something simple, like facts or factoids that you want to learn, write them down repeatedly until you remember them, it also works well with jokes you want to remember but somehow, can’t.

Discuss Aha-Moments

You want to teach your children to value aha-moments because this is where the magic happens. Great inventions started as aha-moments, EUREKA! So better keep track of them, because, as the saying goes, a short pencil is better than a long memory. So what can you do with a toddler or a kid who can’t read or write yet? Draw a picture! Create some symbolism and honour this special moment with a bit of design on paper. After that, ask your child to color that design with you.

Write the best book you ever read

A journal can be the best book you ever read because your brain marinade itself in dopamine when you revisit positive things that happened to you. This is why journalling really makes people happy. Focus on things that your are grateful for, things you learned! Things you understand better and on the great people you meet every day.