Journaling Worry #2

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First or second person? Or third? Yes, we are talking about an age-old literary problem. What is the best perspective for a story? The third person is used a lot in novels; it is less personal than the first person and it suggests that the narrator knows everything or at least a great deal about what he reveals. I recommend using the first person singular for a diary and never mind if most of your sentences start with “I”, because there is an I in Diary after all…

Tagebuch-Sorge # 2

Sprache… Sollte man in der ersten Person Singular schreiben? Also in Ich-Form? oder ist es besser, wie in einem Roman über sich selbst in der Dritten Person zu sprechen? Ich selber finde die Ich-Perspektive am besten, weil sie uns dazu bringt, die Welt subjektiv zu beschreiben. Aber es geht in jeder beliebigen Form. Probier aus, was am meisten Spaß macht! Vielleicht möchtest Du ja in der Wir-Form schreiben, wie die Könige? Wenn es klappt, ist es gut. Egal, was der Duden sagt.

Author: afraazammam

An entrepreneur, writer, I love writing down goals and keeping track of my daily progress no matter in what field: raising children, health, money and of course my projects. One day,my husband inspired me to create a book so I can share my method with other parents.

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