Teaching my son (3) to keep a journal

Our son loves to write words. He can’t yet read, but he knows all the letters of the alphabet and enjoys spelling words with my help. I bought him a little black book with blank pages and a pencil. Every day after breakfast we sit down together and think about things we are going to do today, like going to kindergarten or buying milk or calling granny on the phone.


Then he writes down words like “granny” and “kindergarten” with a little help from the two-legged dictionary called mom. We do the same thing in the evening, after dinner. Yesterday I discovered a little spider that had build a net in a corner of my studio (it is that kind of studio) and we named it Tekla. After dinner we wrote the name in the diary also.


It is a very simple technique but it gives meaning to a day which builds confidence and perspective. My son loves it and I am glad that he is taking his first steps in the great field we call “reflection” and planning a day. All it takes is a pencil, a notepad and ten minutes.